1. Golden

From the recording Lotus Blossom EP


Okay, so 
I think it's best that
Listen, it's mind body and soul 
You 'bout to high of this liquor 
You 'bout to smoke some ganja whatever
You gotta balance yourself, you know?
Domdadidoooh dododoodadadadodadoooh 

Contemplating nothing but withdrawing from the barriers
These thoughts, these emotions everything that builds up a wall
Between you and existence
The moment you drop you suddenly find yourself 
Fine tune, in tune with whole ohm

(Pre Chorus)
Lift the vibe let's get dry by the mini bar 
Cause that's how we turn up, turn up the vibe in here 
The night is golden so lemme hear you say, lemme hear you say 
Gold, gold, gold, golden
Gold, golden

Drippin', drippin' in gold 
Drippin', drippin' 
Drippin', drippin' in gold
Gold, gold, gold, gold
Gold, gold
(Domdadidoooh) The night is golden, that's how we turn up
(Dododoodadadadodadoooh) The night is golden, the night is golden
so let us turn up, so let us turn up 
Domdadidoooh dododoodadadadodadoooh 
Drippin' in gold

Tyler let me tell you a story 
It's for a dreamer 
The caterpillar gasped at me and said 
My God, if that's what going on inside of your head 
You can see so much 
I think it's time to turn into a butterfly

We are golden 
You are golden 
You are golden